Hi. I'm Tim Wade.
I'm hired to speak at events to help teams win through change. Let's chat about your event.

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This is me

Hi. I'm Tim. I'm a husband to Lydia, daddy to Zoe and I live in Singapore. I was born in Malaysia and have lived most of my life in Asia. I'm an Australian but I sound global. #clear #understood
(This photo somehow makes me look older than I actually look. It means I can use it for the next 15 years. Oh, and I am sometimes Batman but that's another story.)
I'm passionate about making a difference; for your audience and in the world. Let's chat.


Speaking since 2008

Here I'm speaking for 2500 people at the Manila Convention Center. They're standing and clapping because my session was awesome, and because I told them to. My sessions are very engaging and enjoyable. I like practical solutions that make a difference. At this event I delivered two keynotes and a training workshop. Connect with me via the chat box and let's discuss how I can help your event.
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Tim's clients

Here is a selection of my clients. There are a lot of them from every industry imaginable. That's because I speak about how people lead and embrace change... anywhere.
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I'm engaged globally. I've spoken at events in dozens of countries around the world.
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Living our giving

I make sure I make a positive difference for your event and for your audience, and also for people in need around the world. I've made 3.2 million impacts globally (verifiable @B1G1) because people like you choose me, and people like me choose to give to improve the world. I talk about motivating positive change, and I'm passionate about living it too.
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Watch this video to get a sense of my style.
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I just spoke at an online townhall event for 1600 bankers. While I can't show you that video (I respect and uphold client privacy), here's a collation of online events I can show you...


Trusted Testimonials

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Here are some testimonials from LinkedIn (which to me is more trustworthy than most testimonials I see on websites). They're awesome and there are lots more like them. However, I think our next best step is to connect so I can hear more about your event from you. Simply click the chat box to get us started...

Testimonials for Tim Wade from LinkedIn.

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