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About Tim Wade

Engaged Audiences, Online and Live

Tim Wade is a leading change expert based in Singapore and who speaks globally at conferences, conventions and corporate events about leading change and motivating positive results. He runs change workshops for teams going through organisational transformation, and assists them to embrace change, develop creative solutions to challenges and determine avenues to take advantage of opportunities.

Tim Wade is regularly engaged as a motivational speaker, a change management speaker, a leadership development trainer, and a regular host and speaker for virtual events globally.

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Tim understands corporate...

… because he’s lived it. His stuff doesn’t just come from interviewing a bunch of people and calling himself an expert. He’s been through it, thought about it, solved it, done it.
Tim Wade has led departments and managed corporate teams of between 3 and 400 staff in different organisations across Asia and Australia and has experienced many of the changes most organisations experience during their various business cycles. 
Whether working in junior roles as a front-line service staff or as a Team Leader of the Workforce Planning and Reporting Team, or when he was in senior roles such as National Manager for Operations, or Vice President of the International Group of a $2.2 billion revenue company where he was evaluating suitable mergers and acquisitions, Tim’s corporate career has seen him lead and manage change and transformation programs, innovate solutions, and keep teams motivated and productive since 1994. 
He has also designed, managed, coached and implemented the changes, so he speaks from actual experience and can empathise with what the employees and the leaders may be thinking and feeling.
And he can communicate that brilliantly. 
That’s why so many clients have engaged him to design programs that reach their people, engage them during the session and Tim Wade helps audiences embrace, shift and be inspired to deliver positive results.



Speaking that moves audiences

Laugh. Listen. Learn. Think. Shift. Do.
Tim crafts dynamic keynotes that gets the audience to their feet, shifts the energy in the room, delivers client outcomes and moves audiences to positive action.

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Culturally Diverse

Clients have engaged Tim Wade to work with audiences of 10 to 10,000 people, whether that’s in Japan, China, India, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, London, Singapore, Australia, or on cruise ships sailing around the globe. Tim Wade motivates, inspires, engages, interacts, educates, relates, and delivers energy, ideas, laughter and positive results.
Born in Malaysia where he spent his early childhood before moving to Australia, Tim is also married to a Singaporean, so he lives and breathes and is married to Asia. His grandparents were from UK, USA, Australia and NZ, and according to his DNA he's 1% African... that makes Tim truly global. It also makes his daughter even more global.



Embrace Change. Thoughtful. Smart.

Tim combines university qualifications in Psychology from the University of Queensland, with over 19 years of corporate operational management experience, business leadership and award-winning management consulting.
His sessions are dynamic, engaging, fun and insightful and focus on delivering session results with his entertaining and participative style. And he’d love to do the same for you and your team, on stage or online.



Multiple award-winning speaker

His operational management transformations and client consulting have resulted in multiple international awards for his clients in Hong Kong and Singapore. And Tim Wade is a multiple-award-winning speaker, twice awarded by the professional speaking fraternity in Singapore, and a past president (2010-2011) of the professional speaking body in Singapore, APSS, plus awards from HR organisations in India, performance awards in Australia and client awards globally.
Tim adds value to businesses, organisations, associations, communities and the world.



Inspired Coaching

Tim is a business speaker who has actually worked in corporate. He can speak the language of your people. He’s probably faced and solved a number of the issues your audience is facing. He connects with your audiences in a way that is relevant, impactful, results-oriented, and fun.

If you’re looking for a speaker who has single-handedly sailed the oceans of the world on a toothpick, or dragged themselves up a mountain using only a banana, or who can recite the entire dictionary backwards using only consonants, then that’s not Tim. But if that’s what you want, then connect with us anyway, as we know people who have done these sorts of things.

Tim did hike to Everest Base Camp on a whim in September 2018 with only 4 days of preparation. That was pretty amazing. And ridiculous.

Now if you’re looking for a speaker who knows the corporate business mindset, understands employee challenges, and helps audiences motivate positive change and create positive business results, then that’s Tim Wade. 



Clients trust Tim Wade to deliver

Shell, BP, Volvo, Avaya, Hilton, P&G, Unilever, American Express, Daimler, Continental, Cathay Pacific, Olam, Dr Reddy’s, Monsanto, John Deere and many many more have all engaged Tim Wade to deliver at their events.

His speaking, training, facilitation and consulting clients include MNCs, Government Ministries and Agencies, SMEs and Institutions and Associations.

Clients include organisations as diverse as: Ferrari, Singtel, Credit Suisse, Royal Caribbean, Cotton On, Daimler, Saudi-Hollandi Bank, Singapore Government ministries and agencies, as well as universities and tertiary colleges, the Dubai Government, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, and many many MANY more.

He has also spoken with thousands of people in schools, churches, prisons and charities, some as part of his giving programs.



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