About Tim Wade

Tim Wade is a multiple-award winning global conference speaker on Transformation, Innovation, and Motivation.

Clients have engaged Tim to work with audiences of 10 to 10,000 people, whether that’s in Japan, China, India, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, London, Singapore, Australia, or on a ship sailing across the globe.

Tim combines a university background in Psychology from the University of Queensland, with over 19 years of corporate operational management experience, business leadership and award-winning management consulting.

Tim is a business speaker who has actually worked in corporate. He can speak the language of your people. He’s probably faced and solved a number of the issues your audience is facing. He connects with your audiences in a way that is relevant, impactful, results-oriented, and fun.

Now Tim would like to set some expectations. He hasn’t single-handedly sailed the oceans of the world on a toothpick. He hasn’t dragged himself up a mountain using only a banana. And he cannot recite the Declaration of Independence backwards using only consonants. What he CAN DO: Tim Wade helps audiences motivate positive change and create positive business results.

Tim has managed corporate departments and divisions of between 3 and 400 staff in different organisations in Asia and Australia and has experienced many of the changes most organisations experience during their various business cycles. Whether working in junior roles as a front-line service staff, or as a Team Leader, or when he was in senior roles such as National Manager for Operations, or Vice President of the International Group of a $2.2 billion revenue company evaluating suitable mergers and acquisitions, Tim’s corporate career has seen him lead and manage change and transformation programs, innovate solutions, and keep teams motivated and productive. He has also designed, managed, coached and implemented the changes, so he speaks from actual experience and can empathise with what the employees and the leaders may be thinking and feeling. That’s why so many clients have engaged him to design programs that reach their people, engage them during the session and Tim Wade helps audiences embrace, shift and be inspired to deliver positive results.