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Experience + Engagement = Better

Hi. As your coach I'm focused on understanding you, helping you shift, and delivering with speed, impact and accountability. This means: you + your goal + me as your coach = you get your goal faster and you're the better you as a result of the journey. Done. 

Choose a coaching style that suits you:

Bullet Coaching - fast-15 sessions that are action-focused, accountability-led and help you stay on track and winning on purpose.

Nuclear Coaching - deeper sessions exploring your core, searching for insights, shifting with new clarity and seeking that tiny atomic-level change that produces an amazing fusion of focus, unleashing an explosion of energy, and unleashes a wave of significant results.



University + Specialisation = Better


Tim Wade earned his science degree with a double major in Psychology from the University of Queensland in 1993.

He completed counselling training and worked as a counsellor with Lifeline Australia in 1996.

He was personally trained in coaching by New York City University and Oxford University guest lecturer Dr David Rock. 

Tim Wade coaches leaders and teaches managers and leaders how to coach their people. He has coached senior lawyers, business people and church leaders and continues to coach and mentor professional speakers to greater levels of impact, fulfilment and to be their better selves.