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Win Through Change.

Hi, I'm Tim Wade. If you're looking for a speaker to create a positive impact at your event, the let's chat.

I speak about winning through change: motivating yourself and the team to lower resistance and get results faster, sharing my Mindset of Victory model as well as tools to successfully lead teams through change.

Plus when I speak at your event, a giving happens to help people in need around the world. We've made over 3,000,000 impacts globally through our giving.

That's why I do what I do: to give tools for your people to win through change, and to live our giving by helping those in need at the same time.

Below you'll find:

1. My client list including 3M, Ferrari, Visa, Royal Caribbean, and Blackrock.

2. Testimonials from thought leaders, CEOs, HR managers and others.

3. A video of my online style (fun, engaging, authentic, and sharing practical insights and actions that audiences can apply for immediate results and lasting impacts.

4. A story about a frog.

5. Evidence that I'm Batman.

And at any time if you'd like to chat with me about your event, either you can shine a giant spotlight into a cloudy night sky or click the chat icon to connect with me now. (I'd prefer you click chat...)


My style

Watch this video to get a sense of my style.

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I just spoke at an online townhall event for 1600 bankers. While I can't show you that video (I respect and uphold client privacy), here's a collation of online events I am allowed to show you...




Tim Wade is brilliant, just brilliant! As a professional speaker who transforms businesses by inspiring his audiences to make positive change, he’s a man that walks his talk. A passionate change-agent, ... he’s always delivering practical ideas so we can all take action – both as businesses and professionals. ... He’s such a giver and is always there to support his community... A true service mindset, I admire Tim and ... [he] comes with my highest recommendation. He’s articulate, passionate, extremely intelligent, and he has the gravitas to impact real change. Don’t miss the chance to work with Tim!

Tim created and delivered a truly inspirational online Key Note session for our all staff - Ability Kick Off 2021 conference this week. Tim has incredible energy, passion and humour which combined with his amazing talent to make every participant feel a real connection with him - even over Zoom - made his session a huge success. The way Tim carefully customised his message, stories and the powerful lessons demonstrated that he really is a World Class Key Note Speaker and Change Consultant.

Andrea T Edwards
Managing Director, SAJE
27 Sep 2020

David Powell
Managing Director, Asia Ability
Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
8 Jan 2021

I have had the great pleasure of Tim facilitating and speaking at many of our team gatherings and have been particularly impressed by his stage presence, impact on the audience and in particular his connecting with our people at an emotional level in motivating positive change.

I attended an industry conference and saw Tim speak and facilitate a session. Impressed with his style of delivery and ability to engage the audience, I employed his services for a team building event with my APAC team. Tim took us around town to various fun and educational locations that provided interactive and relevant experiences for his course content. He was also able to bring in members of his team to reinforce key messages and deliver contextually specific material. Great event, my team walked away wanting more! Tim’s a gifted speaker and influencer.

Terry O'Connor
Chairman of Courts Asia
(now CEO Matahari Group, Indonesia)
Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia
29 Aug 2019

Chris Knop
Director, Customer Operations APAC at Expedia Group
Hong Kong SAR
26 Aug 2019


I feel like writing a frog story now.

parchment paper background.jpeg

Once upon a time there was a frog born in Malaysia who moved to Australia to study Psychology. While Sigmund Frog and Croak Jung were interesting, this little frog was interested in motivating positive change, and in particular, in metamorphosis. So he read Kafka but cockroaches weren't his thing. He wanted to help transform himself, and other people, into the better versions of themselves.

One day while working in his early corporate career, he was involved in a hugely disruptive change. Some people managed it well, but some others, including leaders, handled it dreadfully. The frog decided he wanted to motivate positive change: to help people be better at leading and embracing change, getting better results, embracing change faster, helping leaders lead people through change, and helping organisations win in change.

He reflected on his studies at Warner Brothers where he entered the superhero world of Gotham, and immersed himself into stories of transformations for frogs, but life was no fairy tale. Several corporate transformations later, and this little frog was an amazing transformational leader.

But he was still a frog.

It wasn't until he was kissed by the beautiful Princess Lydia that the frog turned into a handsome...

...Batman. (This is starting to get complicated.)

Batman and Princess Lydia got married and a couple of years later they had a little baby tadpole called Zoe and Batman transformed again.

This time into less of a vigilante and more of a daddy.

His focus is now on helping teams lead through change and win in change... 

...as well as save the world from bad guys while being a super husband and father.

Unmasked his name is Tim Wade and he'll speak at your next event to help inspire change through amazingly engaging keynotes, practical bat-tips, and a sense of humour that only frogs and superheroes and awesome audiences like yours understand.

Oh, and he still saves the world from bad guys by the global giving he does after every event. So far over 3 million global impacts have been made from his giving.

Not bad for a little Australian frog born in Malaysia.

As a leading change speaker, Tim connects, engages, inspires, entertains and motivates positive change, and lives his message. Let's chat. Tim speaks frog, superhero, pirate and English.

Click the chat icon in the lower right of your screen and let's talk about your event... so we can all live happily ever after.



Too Long; Didn't Read, so here's a summary:

  • speaks about change, motivation and leadership

  • is dynamic, engaging, and authentically funny (if someone says they're humorous in their bio, but their website has zero humour, then they're probably bland - don't hire them unless you need some reblanding) 

  • leading change since 1997,

  • consulting across Asia since 2004,

  • speaking professionally since 2008,

  • President of the professional speaking association in Singapore in 2010-11 and training and mentoring speakers ever since. 

  • clients across a multitude of industries

  • spoken onstage in dozens of countries

  • spoken online with global audiences

  • delivers onstage, online and hybrid events

  • chooses to give to global causes after every event

  • basically you can rest assured that I know what I'm doing, so click the chat box now and let's set up a time to discuss your event


Oh yeah, and I'm Batman.


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