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Case study of Tim Wade's motivational speaking event for OLAM leaders in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Client

Multiple nationalities, multiple departments, from multiple offices across Nigeria. This was the March 2019 Country Managers Meeting for an enormous multi-national corporation in global food and agricultural production, Olam.

The Audience

There were 150 leaders and managers in the room. Represented departments included finance, sales, supply chain, manufacturing. Roles included business heads, specialists, agronomists, country manager, regional CEO.

The Challenge

To ensure this market leader continues to deliver excellent performances, excellence with continued consistency and execution excellence, amidst national regulatory changes, and an increasingly competitive landscape.

The Theme

“Winning Consistently”

Tim Wade’s Keynote Solution

“Can we win consistently? Most will say no. Because the perception is that winning consistently is improbable. But the truth is: IT IS POSSIBLE. And if it is possible, then let’s channel our attitude, resources and efforts to go for that possibility. Because yes, we can.” – Tim Wade

Tim Wade delivered his signature Mindset of Victory keynote that is infused with delivery dynamism, entertaining audience participation on stage, whole-of-room audience engagement and attention, brilliant humour, and brilliant business insights that motivate positive change to deliver positive business results.

From discussions with the internal event organisers, HR and leaders, Tim Wade crafted a structure around the Winning Consistently theme to customise his message to align with the brief, the theme, the desired outcomes, and for the audience dynamic and their specific situation.

His “Winning Consistently” structure focused on 4 key elements:

Motivational speaker Tim Wade’s 4 elements of Winning Consistently
Motivational speaker Tim Wade’s 4 elements of Winning Consistently

Tim Wade’s four key elements of winning consistently: 

  • Knowing your why – focused on the vision, the opportunity and the purpose of the individual and the group.

  • Cultivating and sustaining a Mindset of Victory – how the victor mindset has a different perspective on winning and how victory takes place. Here the audience participated in illustrating this through Tim Wade’s signature Olympic Sprint metaphor activity as mindset blocks and elements of the victor mindset (the Seeker, the Leader, the Developer, and the Giver) outweighed the other three mindsets.

  • Developing a true sense of urgency – where change is sought, embraced, and delivered with a positive urgency focused on the vision and the opportunity, and the deliberate avoidance of complacency or directionless fire-fighting.

  • Perpetuating a habit of positive, creative action – here Tim shared his Public Voice Private Action model where further audience interaction helps deeply shift perspectives and inspires positive action on a company-wide scale.

Tim Wade setting the audience participants for his signature Olympic Sprint activity
Tim Wade setting the audience participants for his signature Olympic Sprint activity

Because while winning consistently might be perceived to be unachievable by the standards of the world, we can sustain a culture of continued success by cultivating the mindset of victory, regardless of the outcome, or setbacks, or changing rules, or competitor activity. 

Can we develop a Mindset of Victory to seek, to lead, to develop and to give in order to truly win consistently? Yes, we can!

The Result

Audience engagement: very high. 

“Normally audiences are tired in the afternoon sessions, but none of us was tired during your session. It was so exciting, insightful, fun and interesting. Thank you.” – Shaibu D. M.

Inspired leaders, charged up to lead change, overcome adversity, and with practical tools and mental resources to continue winning.

“I enjoyed working with the team at Olam in Lagos, Nigeria. The audience was responsive, engaged and receptive to my message and the various challenges I put to them. So much so that one gentleman posed a question during my keynote (it happens in my training workshops but less frequently in the middle of a keynote) as I touched on topics that were relevant to him and the group, and meaningful for their situation and context. It was a wonderful session, and their desire for me to join them afterwards and the conversations we had during the cocktails and at the gala dinner showed their enthusiasm and desire to continue growing as well as displaying their hospitality and positive culture in the organisation.” – Tim Wade, global conference speaker: transformation, innovation, motivation.

Impacting the world

Because of this event in Nigeria, the team at Wade also contributed to global projects through our Wade Foundation, that deliver positive change for the less fortunate and that support the United Nations Global Development Goals.

We paid for 10,000 meals to be delivered to schools in India so children from needy families would be sent to school to be fed, and while there they would get access to education and increase their chances of breaking the poverty cycle.

The participant who received one of Tim’s children’s books during a funny element on stage, poses with his prize and it’s author!
The participant who received one of Tim’s children’s books during a funny element on stage, poses with his prize and it’s author!

Tim also gave away a few of his books to those audience members who participated with him on stage, and through our Wade Foundation, we supported projects that saw 3 Cambodian teenage girls supported in school for another day, preventing them from being exposed to sex traffickers in a special project we are supporting there.

Plus we helped build toilets for 2 families in Malawi and Zambia in Africa, as two of the books presented to participants on stage were Tim’s children’s book about toilet-training toddlers.

Motivate Positive Change

“Here’s to winning consistently! Thank you Olam, and thank you Nigeria!” – Tim Wade, global conference speaker: transformation, innovation, motivation.

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