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Covid-19 … be care-filled.

Updated: May 15, 2020


I hope you and your family are safe at well during this time. It can be very scary for some.

Here as an ear if you need me.

This really is a time for care. And decisiveness.

Being decisive is tough when there is so much uncertainty, but the secret is being decisive with the information you have at the time AND THEN being very fast to make a new decision when you get new information that demands a new decision. That’s it.

Typically as leaders we’re judged by being right. Let that go. Right now we need to do the next right thing, and if that is having to change your mind because new information has come to hand, then change your mind. Show your other leaders how to do this.

And yes, there are opportunities during this downturn. I just came back from a series of strategic discussions for the opportunities available during this time. And while that’s good to know, discuss and think about, the first thing to do is to take care of yourself, your people and your business continuity.

I speak at events. Can you imagine what this has done to my business? I’ve had to pivot my focus from keynotes at large events and leadership training around the world to focus more on the online programs and meetings we deliver. It’s been a shift. And I speak about disruption. This time we’re disrupting our normal.

  • Key point: Pivot your focus.

1. SAFETY of ourselves and our people.

  • Key point: increase communication. Isolation and remote work require an increase in deliberate communication and check-ins that used to happen informally and often in passing. Now leaders need to increase their activity in doing this, but remotely.

2. SUPPLY CHAIN renegotiations, particularly regarding abnormal events impacting contracted activities.

  • Key point: relationships first. It’s important that they don’t go out of business. And while changes can put pressure on them to ensure contracts are upheld, right now isn’t the time to damage relationships by being legalistic.

3. CUSTOMER confidence, solutions and caring for them.

  • Key point: over care. Reach out and check how they are. Keep touching base. Now’s the time to opportunistically care, not opportunistically sell.

And as a final point, try to keep giving. Spare a thought for all the charities and worthy causes out there. As people tighten their belts, giving may be seen a discretionary expense. But I see it as an investment in character and faith. Keep giving what you can.

I’m here to help however you need me, even if it’s just to have a chat and bounce around some ideas.

In the meantime, take care… no, give care.

Be careful. And be care-filled.

Tim Wade timwade.com

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