• Tim Wade

De-living Happiness

Disconnecting from humanity is not the way to deliver happiness to yourself.

There is something majestic about Tony Hsieh's pursuit of happiness, something tragically pathetic about his Utah solution, and something horrific about his death. I just read the Forbes article. I'm troubled enough to write this.

When your only circle of friends are people you are paying, employees paid to be happy around you, you will neither be told the truth nor truly loved.

The real experience of love requires free will. That is risky. You could be denied, abandoned, betrayed, hurt, rejected. And it requires relinquishing control. But those who choose to love you, who themselves risk you not loving them back, they are worth cherishing.

Not the sycophants tiptoeing for some sort of elevation to their perception of the aristocracy.

Nor those who regard themselves as so uniquely enlightened that they consume their own self-crafted projection of intelligence, their social excrement, and peacock around full of their own shit.

Tony Hsieh's self-destruction makes me angry. At him, and his circles, at the loss of a visionary who went blind and who longed for (capital) Love to fill that hole inside that no amount of money or fame or the things of this world could buy.

What's beautiful from it all, is that people like Jewel exist. And care enough to try.

We don't have to connect with the whole world.

Nor do we need to make everyone happy.

We can choose to remove ourselves from our circles of human toxicity. It's important that we do. We need to connect though, and trust enough to let others in.

I believe we need to deeply connect up, in, and near with small close circles, and only pulse out to the far and wide.

Seek up, introspect in, invest near, pulse far. And ask for help if you need it.

Read the Forbes article here.

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