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How to offset flying, driving, meat, dairy, energy, everything so you don't need to change anything.

Links to all my articles on climate positive actions to offset your flying, driving, meat, dairy, energy... so you can go on as normal and still save the world.

The original article about offsetting your flying published in the B1G1.com blog is here:


This linked to some calculators:


The next list is about offsetting various other parts of your lifestyle, with the link name explaining what’s being offset, so you can still happily do it while ensuring you’re very climate positive:



And here’s a link to my video on YouTube which I created in mid-2019 for a presentation at a conference in the UK (that I couldn’t attend because I was speaking at another conference in Singapore). In this video I present my rationale of offsetting my flying, I even propose an argument as to why climate change deniers should still offset, and then I add a bonus element for calculating your household electrical consumption:


I’ll add more links to this page as I come up with the articles/videos. In the meantime, go ahead and change the world.

Tim Wade is a leading change speaker on organisational transformation who motivates positive change at live and online conferences and meetings globally. When Tim flies he triple offsets his flights with Impact Bundles including lots of mango trees planted through B1G1. Connect with Tim via: timwade.com

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