• Tim Wade

The art of changing perspectives: on you, on titles, on the artist and on meaning...

What do you think of my work of art below? I ask for a reason I’ll touch upon in a moment. For now, think about the picture...

What would your thoughts be if the title is: “Rejection.” Would the picture change it’s meaning if the title is “Determination” or if it was “Resilience.” I’m not asking for you to choose a title. But the different title changes your interpretation of the picture. Even though the picture is the same.

What titles do we ascribe to people, situations, and experiences? To races, genders, politicians, orientations, belief systems, that change our experience of them from what the truth actually is. Interestingly, in some of the comments, some people are asking me what it means and some are coming up with their own interpretation.

I know why I drew it. I am the creator after all. And I might be happy to share why I drew it with those who seek me out and ask. But it might gain a more global viewership if I don’t explain it from the outset, and let the interpretations drive a conversation that spreads the word and from that, those who are curious enough to know more might ask. And yet even then, I might not answer them directly, for they might tell everyone else. So maybe their relationship with the creator needs to be deeply personal, so that the meaning of the picture matters less than the relationship it helped build.

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