Billy Bottombomb and the Great Poo of Pottyville

Billy Bottombomb and the Great Poo of Pottyville

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This hardcover children's book helps parents transition their 2 year-olds from diapers/nappies to using a potty.

Written so that adults enjoy reading it 1000 times, it is the story of an ancient poophecy that is searching for the great poo worthy of the famed Pottyville potties. Billy Bottombomb is competing with your child to out poo-poo them in the potty.

Full of fun and poo, your kids will learn to transition quickly, and with a lovely rhyming song at the end, kids will remember to declare "Potty, Potty, Potty!" when they need to go.

Tim wrote this for his daughter when she was 2 years old and it worked wonders.

Plus every copy sold helps build toilets in Malawi through projects supported through Tim's giving intiatives.