The Better Book vol 2

The Better Book vol 2

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Better Business, Better Life, Better World - The Movement - is the second volume in the Better Book series. In this volume, Tim talks about crafting positive, joy-filled change in business by focusing on profitable productivity, ethical sales and performance managment, then he shares about courageously deepening faith daily, and finally he talks about being an unwavering giver, an idea of being the ripple that combines with other ripples to create an amazing impact in the world.

This book is written by Tim Wade along with 60 other business owners, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and global personalities who all answer this question: What advice would you give to your grandchild if you knew for certain that they would take that advice and implement it? The answers continue to inspire and create amazing change in the world. For example, every copy sold helps keep Cambodian village girls in schools and away from sex traffickers through our support of Free To Shine, plus every co-author is making an impact through their businesses as members of the B1G1 movement. It's truly amazing.  [Softcover]


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