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Short Bio

Tim Wade is a global speaker on Leading Change. His clients are MNCs, government agencies, and organisations that include Ferrari, Visa, Cathay Pacific, Shell and Amazon, as well as churches, prisons, universities, armed forces. He helps teams enjoy the adventure of change by sharing tools, teaching skills and shifting thinking that increases communication, engagement and positive results. More about Tim at and he looks forward to seeing you at his session.


Who are you really?

A short description of you that we can include in the speaker page. What is it that you stand for? (Can make it personal – the real you)

Hi. I'm Tim Wade. Dad to Zoe, husband to Lydia, and a business owner and an enthusiastic global traveller (looking forward to when I can do that again). I see the adventure in change, and I help others see it too, drawing from their adventures to create internal resources to rise to any challenge. I've been speaking about leadership, change, and motivating positive action for over a decade, on stages globally, for corporate and government audiences of 100 to 10,000 people in the room. I have tools and resources I've created to help leaders better lead teams through change. I'm also passionate about inspiring change in the world, and we've made over 3 million impacts to the lives of families in need across the planet because of the work we do. More about all of that at, but right now I'm happy to be here with you on this journey, through this change, and doing what I can to support you too. I look forward to meeting you.