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We're inviting you to join the Sharpin community. It's like having a team of professionals focussed on helping you accelerate your career. Imagine that: a whole group of people strategising your next promotion and pay increase. Do you agree that having that team behind you will help you get to your career goals faster than if you just went it alone? We do too. Join us.

SharpIN members are from all over the world. We meet to share and have access to the best advice, tools, and assistance in reaching their career goals.

Every month we have a one-hour Sharpin Masterclass with a high profile member of the business community who is sharing success strategies, tools and tips. Then you implement.

Then there is the Sharpin Mastermind. It's a facilitated group webinar where we workshop the chosen methodologies and increase accountability to implement.

Knowledge is only power when applied. And we're here to help you do that.

Your membership includes access to Sharpin Mastercourses, online courses for self-paced learning. These include:

  • Tim Wade's Promotion Payrise Express program

  • The Cache Group's Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Get The Gig - Gold Star Interview Techniques from professional recruiters

  • Thought Leadership Mastery - building your personal brand for growing your career influence

  • Coaching Skills for Leaders

  • Motivational Team Tools

  • Successful Communication Skills

  • Leading High Performance Teams

  • Business Values Management

  • Creating Creative Business Cultures

Everything we do is to help you sharpen the saw. 

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Upcoming Masterclasses

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29 October 2020: The Promotion Payrise method

Tim Wade

Tim Wade will share key B.U.I.L.D. elements from his Promotion Payrise method, elements that helped him triple his salary and get promoted twice in 18 months, and elements that have been replicated by attendees of his Management Development Programs around the world. Tim is a global conference speaker based in Singapore with a corporate client list including Ferrari, Cathay Pacific, Blackrock, Unilever, and Visa and audiences as large as 10,000. He has helped over 250,000 leaders from Japan to Saudi Arabia, the UK to the UAE, Kenya to Colombo. He's a co-host of our Sharpin community to help you too. Make sure you attend his session, and join Sharpin for more.

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November 2020: Leading With Optimism

Victor Perton

How does optimism in the workplace fast track career success? Victor Perton is the founder of the Australian Leadership Project and a Director of The Centre for Optimism. He's the author of "Optimism: The How and Why" and “The Case for Optimism: The Optimists’ Voices.” Victor will be delivering a Masterclass on Optimistic Leadership, why it's critical during uncertainty, and steps to implement to increase confidence, morale, productivity, engagement and client trust. Drawing from his experience as a senior leadership Round-Table Facilitator, Barrister and Adviser on Leadership, Victor will share practical strategies for you to implement. Join Sharpin for more.


Join a community of skilled and experienced individuals also investing in themselves to fast-track their careers, and a group of career development specialists and business leaders focused on helping you increase your visibility, opportunity, and skills to advance faster.

The Sharpin team is:

Andrew Hurnard - CEO of the The Cache Group, with 3 decades of recruitment expertise he knows what it takes to land your next position.

Tim Wade - leads, a Singapore-based consultancy focused on leadership development, transformation and runs the Promotion Payrise program. 

John Merkus - corporate Agile specialist for helping leaders and teams increase output, deliver value, and develop capability.

Matt Cordner - marketing professor and personal branding specialist to help you increase your profile strength and marketability

We're a team of hands-on practitioners, believing in positioning you as the hero, not ourselves as gurus. And because there is currently nothing else out there like this that exists for corporate employees, we created it for our community.

Our courses retail at between $600 and $1,900 per session per person, with hourly keynote fees ranging between $6800 and $12,500. But all of this is included for our community. Become a member of the SharpIN community. Try us out for 3-6 months and see for yourself.

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Candace Hanlen

I was extremely fortunate to have been introduced to both John Merkus and Andrew Hurnard from the Cache Group. 

I first met John and Andrew when a friend of mine sent me a link to one of their free workshops.  Taking that step was the best thing I did.  

Their combined experience and knowledge of the current market and recruiter’s selection process was very impressive. 

I knew I was in good hands.  Working together we were able to create something unique that showcased my experience and achievements.  Providing me with input and insights that I did not even consider.

It was like giving my LinkedIn Profile and CV and make over.

Since my new LinkedIn profile was published, I have had people actively viewing my profile and recruiters approaching me with opportunities.  This experience boosted my confidence and allowed me to consider and submit applications for roles that I would not have normally considered.

And best of all I had fun doing it.  These guys made it look easy to achieve.  Seriously, this was the best investment I made.

adrian barber.jpg

Adrian Barber, Manager, Information Management at AT&T

Thanks to Andrew, Matt and John for a highly educational, interactive and informative webinar on Optimising LinkedIn Profiles and really getting the best out of a very powerful tool, accessing that hidden employment market, and how to engage your future employer.



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